Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Tag

I’ve been tagged by Jan at and I have to come up with six quirky things about myself, so here goes.
  1. When I’m annoyed about something I have a tendency to mutter, and chunter to myself.
  2. Toilet rolls must go on the toilet roll holder with the loose end facing the wall, not into the room. If I stay in a hotel, I always switch the loo roll round the other way, even though I know the maid will switch it back again in the morning. I know, that is really anal, if you’ll pardon the pun.
  3. I loathe shopping, especially for clothes, and for shoes in particular.
  4. I don’t like talking on the phone, I would much rather talk to people in person, or send a letter, or e-mail.
  5. I am a terrible car passenger, even when I’m not driving, I’m driving. I can’t stare out of the window at the passing scenery, or God forbid fall asleep, I have to watch the road at all times.
  6. I always have a piece of silly putty on my desk, it’s about the size of a grape, and when I’m thinking something over I squeeze the putty between my fingers. When I lived in England I used to use blue-tac which you can’t get over here, in fact when I was moving over here, my work mates bought me a huge pack of blue-tac as one of my leaving gifts. :-)

As usual I won’t be tagging anyone else, but if you’d like to play along feel free to do so.

This recipe is a bit of a swizz (English slang word for cheat), as who needs a recipe for fruit salad? None of you guys who read this blog that’s for sure. But there are just so many lovely fruits around at the moment, and the picture looked so pretty that I thought I’d share it. This fruit salad is a combo of honeydew melon, oranges, strawberries, and some lovely organic grapes I found at the store.

It’s delicious just as it is, or you could top it with ice cream, or cream, or both if you wanted to be really decadent. I didn’t have either. I know, I know! What sort of a domestic goddess am I if I don’t have ice cream and cream? One who lives a long way from the store, that’s what. Anyway I did have some plain yogurt and strawberries, so I swished a cup of yogurt and some chopped strawberries in the blender, and it made a yummy topping.

Raquel at had an interesting post last week about The Big Read, you can also find it on my other blog at If you like to read I think you’ll enjoy this list.

Now Raquel, if you’re reading this avert your eyes, as this is a picture of some of our first homegrown watermelon.

This is called Sugar Baby Watermelon


Cheryl said...

You made a watermelon? I am so impressed! I love your english words, I flung one out the other day to my hubbies raised eyebrows. Too bad I already forgot what it was!

Lisa said...

Great looking fruit salad! I hate shopping too, except for grocery shopping :)

RecipeGirl said...

I'm terribly jealous of your home-grown watermelon. We planted pumpkins, among other things, this year and everything was eaten up by mysterious creatures!

Paula said...

You have watermelon already?!! My plant is still in the flowering stage! Your fruit salad looks great. We are big fruit eaters here, and my kids would devour your salad in mere seconds. I'm sure they would, however,remember to say thank you as they left the table. :-D

Beth said...

Watermelon looks lovely and juicy, wish I could grow them over here. Toilet roll thing is a little freaky!!

Raquel said...

Eyes faithfully averted . . . LOL! Blue-Tac - is that anything akin to sticky-tack? They sell it at Wal-Mart, I think by the posters and things, yellow or white, sometimes blue, comes in a little brick and you can use it for sticking things to the wall? Anyway, that fruit salad looks fab! Much love - Raquel XO

Pam said...

Jan, I have been craving a fruit salad lately - yours looks simple and perfect. Your watermelon looks beautiful too...good for you. P.S. You really should try the zucchini bread - it's amazing.

Paula said...

I know I already responded, but since I just replaced the toilet roll in our downstairs bathroom, I realized that I failed to comment about your six quirky things! You realize now that from this point forth whenever I am staying in a hotel, I'm going to be checking which way the toilet rolls are facing! :-D

Kevin said...

Fruit salads are perfect in the summer. That one looks good.

Emiline said...

Anal...hehheeee. Come on! Nobody said anything about that? That was hilarious.

Leah said...

JAN!!!! I'm totally with you, I absolutely HATE talking on the phone and would much rather return an email!!! I'm afraid my friends now think I'm antisocial....but there's just something about talking on the phone....I just don't like it.

Ahhhh, it feels good to know I'm not alone. ;-)

Jan said...

Cheryl, we were pretty amazed at the watermelon too, not bad for a first attempt. I'm glad you like my Englishisms. :-)

Lisa, Thanks a lot.

Lori, thank you. We lost our potato plants to blister beetles recently. Damn things!

Paula, it's been good growing weather here this year. A lot of rain and heat in spring and early summer, and then lots of sun.

Beth, I guess the loo roll thing is a bit odd. :-)

Raquel, I've tried that sticky tack stuff and don't like it much. The silly putty is better.

Pam, thank you. I do plan to try your zucchini bread, as soon as it cools down enough to switch the oven on. :-)

Paula, don't do it, you'll end up as quirky as me. ;-)

Kevin, thank you.

Em, we obviously have the same sick minds, sorry, sense of humor. :-)

Leah, I'm glad someone else shares my aversion to phones. Everywhere you look these days people seem to have cell phones spot welded to their ears. :-)