Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slow Roasted Pork with Garlic and Onions

Yes, you are in the right place! I’ve had to do a bit of a re-vamp on the old blog, because the margins on the other one were too narrow for the new Foodie Blogroll widget. It was overlapping my recipes, and that will never do.

After bitching on everybody’s blogs that it was too hot here to make soups and chilies, would you believe it’s suddenly got cold? Yesterday, it was 90°F, but it started raining last night, and has chucked it down all day today, the temperature has now plummeted by 25 degrees. But I have a sneaky suspicion that the weather is only teasing me into thinking fall has arrived. I’m sure there will be more hot weather lurking around the corner for me yet, but hopefully low 80’s instead of 90/100’s.

Even though the rain has never stopped the intrepid Brits from barbecuing before, I’m still going to cook something on the stove tonight, just for the sheer novelty value. But more about that later. Today’s recipe is what we had for our Labor day feed.

Slow Roasted Pork with Garlic and Onions

The slow cooking of this meat allowed the onions and garlic to virtually disintegrate into a galze, and to infuse the meat with their lovely flavors, it also kept it really moist.


I pork joint, I think this one was called a boneless ribeye roast, but I’m not 100% certain.
1 onion, sliced
4 garlic cloves, chopped.
1 tablespoon olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper

  • Pre-heat BBQ to low.
  • Place a layer of sliced onions on a sheet of heavy-duty foil and top with pork.
  • Drizzle pork with olive oil, a generous amount of black pepper, top with garlic and another layer of onions. Wrap foil loosely around meat.
  • Roast on grill until the little thermometer thingy pops out, approximately 1hour & 20 minutes. Unwrap foil parcel and cook for a further 20-30 minutes until browned.
I served the pork with roasted rosemary potatoes, I think I’ve posted these before, but they are so good here they are again. We also had a salad, but you can figure that one out yourselves.

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes


6 red potatoes cut into quarters.
2 sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves only.
1/3 cup dry white wine
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
Fresh ground black pepper
A drizzle of vegetable oil

  • Pre-heat BBQ to low.
  • Brush the center of a large sheet of heavy duty foil lightly with oil, add potatoes, pour over wine, sprinkle them with rosemary and black pepper, and dot with butter.
  • Seal package loosely, and grill over a low heat, stirring frequently, for 45 – 60 minutes.


Lisa said...

The pork looks great and I love rosemary potatoes! I like your new blog look.

Pam said...

The pork and potatoes look really tasty. I love cooking meats with the slow and low method.

By the way, the blog looks great.

Beth said...

Loving the new look Jan. I love Pork and this looks delicious

Raquel said...

Love the new look! I love roast pork. I made chicken stew and served it with biscuits yesterday. Much love, Raquel XO

Cheryl said...

I think you two must barbeque as much as we do! I had a bad pork roast experience and haven't made one since, I will definately try this!

Kevin said...

That roasted pork looks good! Although I am not looking forward to summer going I am looking forward to being able to do more roasts.

Paula said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I loooove pork. A lot. And your slow roasted pork is my idea of pure comfort food! Those potatoes completely put me over the edge. I think I actually groaned when I saw the photo ... they look AWESOME. Please feed me!

Jan said...

I love that pork and those rosemary potatoes too!
I like your new look blog too Jan!

Dhanggit said...

Oh my I wanna have this tonight!! Nothing can beat rosemary potatoes!! yay! yummy ..

pamokc said...

OMG my mouth is watering. I love Rosemary and think it is so totally underused. Love it as a garden plant aos.